What is Ringfencing and Why You Should Care

What is Ringfencing and Why You Should Care
February 24, 2022 Velocity Network

You might be familiar with the terms “whitelist” or “allow list.” Simply stated, these lists help to block all untrusted applications from running. However, they will not stop an attacker from weaponizing tools and applications that you do trust. This is why RingfencingTM, a product offered exclusively by our partner ThreatLocker, is critical when blocking these attacks.

RingfencingTM enables your IT team to go beyond permitting what software can run; RingfencingTM controls how applications can behave after they have been executed. This proprietary solution adds controlled, firewall-like boundaries around your applications. It also stops them from interacting with other applications, accessing network resources, registry keys, and even your files. This approach is highly effective at preventing fileless malware and exploits. It also makes sure software does not step out of its lane to steal your data. A vulnerability was discovered in Zoom not long ago, putting millions of users at risk of a cyber-attack. By using RingfencingTM, you can stop applications from accessing your files or launching other applications that could be used against you – even programs that are on your allow list.

We highly recommend you combine RingfencingTM with allow lists so that untrusted applications will not be permitted to run, regardless of how the payload is delivered to you.

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